Hair Perfume - TOPAZ
Hair Perfume - TOPAZ
Hair Perfume - TOPAZ

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Hair Perfume - TOPAZ

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CROSBY Hair Perfume's were designed out of necessity for those in between hair-washing days. After applying a dry shampoo, disperse several mists throughout your hair or spray around your aura for an immediate mood lifter. Conveniently sized at 2 ounces, they're perfect for travel, to fit in your purse/bag or proudly displayed on your bathroom shelf. 

TOPAZ is an alluring fusion of bitter citrus blossoms, spicy pepper and sweet amber. 


Elevated by Juniper Berry, Lemon, Black Peppercorn and Vetiver


To lessen our environmental impact by cutting back on plastic, we are now offering Refill Bottles. All you have to do is remove the metal cap (please recycle) and replace with your previous spray top. Thank you for considering a Refill Bottle for your next Hair Perfume purchase!


2oz. Frosted Amber Glass  |  Hair, skin and clothing safe.

100% All Natural Ingredients: distilled H2O, organic grape alcohol, aloe vera, organic jojoba oil, organic argan oil, proprietary blend of essential oils, absolutes and botanical extracts.

No Synthetics or Fragrance | Gluten Free | Vegan | Never tested on animals