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What is the return policy?

Scent is an extremely personal preference and we highly recommend testing out a new scent by purchasing a sample before going for the big version. If the product you received was damaged during shipping or is faulty, please send us an email.


Where do you source your oils?

Essential oils, accords and absolutes come from all over the world, depending on where the actual plant/flower is harvested. Once the oils are extracted by various methods, they're then sold to distributors. It's important to us to source quality and ethically harvested oils. Our favorite distributor of botanical oils is Liberty Natural Products and just so happens to be right outside Portland.


Why are some candles considered toxic?

The majority of store-bought candles are either made entirely of paraffin or contain a 'blend' (meaning, there's a likely chance of paraffin wax) and these candles are incredibly toxic to breath in. Paraffin wax when burned, creates highly toxic benzene and toluene, which are known carcinogens. In fact, the toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes. If you enjoy frequent candle-burning, it's incredibly important to 'invest' in cleaner candles. The FDA does not regulate candles, so it's up to you to know what you're buying and burning. It's easy to assume that cheap candles will be made of cheap ingredients, but buyer beware: expensive, name brand candles can easily contain bad ingredients such as paraffin and chances are you're just paying for the name. Before purchasing a candle, always read the ingredients. If they don't list them, it's probably for a reason...


Where did the idea of Hair Perfume come from?

Ah, Hair Perfume – I love you. Hair Perfume was created based on the desire to take one extra step beyond dry shampoo. Embracing the benefits of washing hair less and the growing number of dry shampoos on the market, I still wanted to feel fresh. We all (well if you're old enough) remember the days when smoking in bars was legal and the next morning your hair smelled like an ashtray. Hence, hair is great at absorbing and holding scent. Using our Hair Perfume, you're able to refresh days-old-hair and keep it handy for a mid-day pick me up. Hair Perfume is also a great companion for travel, for post workouts or a boost of aromatherapy. 


My product smells a little different than the previous one. Did the formula change?

Short answer: no. All Crosby products are made by hand and although we do measure everything precisely, sometimes each batch can be every-so-slightly different. And, nature isn't 100% consistent. There's no way for us to make a product that will be exactly the same. That's the beauty of working with natural oils vs synthetics. The environment, weather, etc. affect each and every oil. There's no way to control that, and that's how we like it! Nature is a beautiful, imperfect masterpiece. If you should notice a slight shift in your favorite Crosby product, we hope you'll enjoy these unique and subtle nuances. 


Are your ‘Human’ products Gluten Free and Vegan?

Yes! Our products are never tested on animals (just us!) and we work solely with vendors that have likeminded ethics.


Why did my sprayer stop working?

Natural oils have large molecules and can occasionally jam up the mechanism in the spray tops. This can be true for both the sample pack sprayers and the 2oz. bottles. If this happens, unscrew the spray top and soak it in hot water with a bit of white vinegar or epsom salts and try spraying that solution so it can work its way through the mechanism. This will help unclog the oil and should allow your sprayer to work again. If for some reason that doesn't solve the issue, please contact us.


Do you ship internationally?

We're working hard to offer affordable international shipping to Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. Please check back periodically or send us an email.


How quickly do orders ship?

Orders typically ship Monday's and Thursday's. If there's an urgency to receive your order, please send us an email and we'll do our best to expedite it. All orders will receive a shipping confirmation email so you can track your product.


My order is going to be a gift - can you customize it?

Yes, all orders come with a hand-written thank you note on CROSBY card stock. If you'd like to personalize that note, please let us know those details by adding it to the 'notes' section at checkout.