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Private Label / Custom

Kelly will work with you or your brand to develop a custom fragrance(s) for candles, diffusers, body care products, etc., to elevate any line or create limited release products. Please email Kelly directly at to inquire about availability, process, rates and wholesale details. 

Recent clients: Alison Wu, Bar West, Maja Dlugolecki, Pacific Daze CBD, Osprey, Palate Polish, Pink Moon, Porter Lyons, Raw Republic, The Shoreline Hotel, Teadora Beauty, Travel Portland, Utility Zero Waste, Vibrant Restaurant & Market, Woo-Woo.


White Label Candles

Kelly has developed 6 unique blends for candles as 'white label' offerings for your business, event or personal use. Please email to request our price sheet and more information.


Personal Fragrance (100% Natural Perfume)

A personal fragrance is a beautiful way to express oneself on a deeper level, tapping into ones own intuition, story and experience. Kelly uses an array of tools to help guide she and the client on the fragrance direction. She believes that fragrance has the power to transform our everyday life with the energetic vibration each note posses. In leu of in-person consultations, Kelly is offering this service virtually. The process includes the initial consultation and toolkit, two perfume rounds and your final, 50mL Eau de Parfum. After your fragrance has been created, your formula will stay on file and refills will be made available. Please email her directly at to inquire about rates, details and availability.