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Residency Collection Eau de Parfum - OBSCURA


* New bottles have a screw top, allowing glass bottles to be recycled properly. Or refill your bottle with something else you love! *

The aged tradition of artist residencies allow the selected artist to drawn inspiration from new environments. The Residency Collection is a reflection of founder Kelly's experience in three differing geographical locations. Inspiration for the scents were drawn from the culture, nature and energy of each stay, as well as her own personal growth within the residencies. Let the journey begin...


LOCATION  Joshua Tree, California

RESIDENCY  Desert Milk Adobe

PROFILE  Citrus | Resinous | Spicy

TOP  Bergamot - Turmeric - Fresh Ginger

HEART  Juniper Berry - Black Tea - Mimosa Flower

BASE  Buddhawood - Sandalwood - Myrrh



Vibrant creative community

Wandering the National Park

The color of desert sunsets


The sound of silence

Spiritual conversations with strangers

Nurturing earth


100% natural ingredients: organic grape alcohol, essential oils, isolates and absolutes.


Application suggestion: 

Natural perfumes are a slightly different experience than your standard (synthetic) perfume. Natural's will stay on the skin for roughly 6 hours, as their organic matter will slowly dissipate and combine with your skin. CROSBY's Eau de Parfum's are blended at 20% (industry standard is between 12%-20%). To maximize wear time, spray directly onto skin and allow it to fully air dry. Rubbing and/or tapping skin together, such as wrists, is not recommended. 

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