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Residency Collection Eau de Parfum - CADENCE


The aged tradition of artist residencies allow the selected artist to drawn inspiration from new environments. The Residency Collection is a reflection of founder Kelly Harland’s experience in three differing geographical locations. Inspiration for the scents were drawn from the culture, nature and energy of each stay, as well as her own personal growth within the residencies. Let the journey begin…

* 2mL samples come with a 15% off code for your first 50mL bottle *


LOCATION  Tofino, British Columbia

RESIDENCY  The Shoreline

PROFILE  Floral | Oceanic | Creamy

TOP  Blood Orange | Ocean Pine | Peppercorn

HEART  Rhododendron | Hemp | Rose

BASE  Oakmoss | Balsam | Madagascar Vanilla



Surf and water culture

Warm, friendly community

Ancient forests

Rugged geography

First Nations history

Honeyed flowers along the shoreline



50mL | 100% natural ingredients: organic grape alcohol, essential oils, isolates and absolutes.

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