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*Limited* Emerald Eau de Parfum

*Limited* Emerald Eau de Parfum


If you're a fan of wearing our Emerald Hair Perfume, but want something a little stronger and longer lasting, this is for you. This spray Eau de Parfum is formulated like our Residency Collection Eau de Parfums, using pure plant extracts and organic grape alcohol, making them 100% natural.

Application suggestion: 

Natural perfumes are a slightly different experience than your standard (synthetic) perfume. Natural's will stay on the skin for roughly 6 hours, as their organic matter will slowly dissipate and combine with your skin. CROSBY's Eau de Parfums are blended at 20% (industry standard is between 12%-20%). To maximize wear time, apply directly onto skin and allow it to fully air dry. Tapping skin together, such as wrists, is ok for application, however rubbing is not recommended. 

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