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Soy Candle - REFILL KIT

Soy Candle - REFILL KIT


Refill Kits are a wonderful way to reuse your empty Crosby candle vessels! It's also incredibly fun to create your own candle. Your kit will make two (2), 9oz. candles, providing you with all the materials and simple, easy to follow directions. This could be a wonderful activity to do with family or friends. This Refill Kit ships for FREE!

 What you'll need outside of the materials provided:

  • 2 thoroughly cleaned candle vessels. Our vessels are the perfect fit, but you can also use ceramic or another heat-safe glass vessel. They need to hold at least 10oz. and have a diameter between 2.75" and 3.25"
  • Heat source (stove or hot plate)
  • Large sauce pan for water to create a double boil set up
  • Heat-proof glass or metal container for melting the wax (this one is great if you're going to continue making candles)
  • Optional: a craft or culinary thermometer for checking wax temp
  • Clear workspace and paper towels for any spills

Please choose two (2) fragrances for your kit and specify them in the comments section at checkout: Earthly Dwellings, Goldtone, Moonwind, Nomad or Santa Maria.

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