GOLD LABEL: Nootka Rose Fragrance Oil
GOLD LABEL: Nootka Rose Fragrance Oil
GOLD LABEL: Nootka Rose Fragrance Oil
GOLD LABEL: Nootka Rose Fragrance Oil

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GOLD LABEL: Nootka Rose Fragrance Oil

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Gold Label is an exclusive line of one-off products, allowing Kelly the freedom to play outside the lines. The majority of these offerings will be under 50 units and unbranded–just a simple gold label. Once the product is gone, it's gone forever.


While working on the upcoming Residency Collection (releasing in October) at the second location, Tofino BC, Kelly discovered the sweet, honey-floral Nootka Rose's that grew along the rugged coastline. The alluring and soft scent of these wild roses that flourish in salty air, inspired an exclusive run of fragrance oil and the first offering under the Gold Label. Petals were carefully and respectfully foraged, as to not harm the plant, dried and infused for one full lunar cycle in organic jojoba and sunflower oil. This created a beautiful, delicate rosy base to build upon. To use as an anointing oil, roll the scent over the heart center to begin and/or deepen a meditation or prayer.

Wild roses, geranium and jasmine, blend with the spice of pink peppercorn and cinnamon, grounded in a warm base of amber, vanilla bean, frankincense and benzoin.

Profile: floral, warm, spicy, powder

25 bottles created. Due to the limited amount of materials available, no samples will be offered.

10mL | Miron Glass w/ glass roller

Bottle comes in a reusable CROSBY-branded muslin bag.

100% All Natural Ingredients: organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, wild Nootka roses, proprietary blend of essential oils, absolutes and botanical extracts.

Synthetic Free | Gluten Free | Vegan | Never tested on animals