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EMERALD - 15mL Roller Eau de Parfum

EMERALD - 15mL Roller Eau de Parfum


Our customer-favorite, Emerald, has returned for the month of May in several new forms. If you're a fan of wearing the Hair Perfume version, but want something a little stronger and longer lasting, this is for you. This 15mL Roller Eau de Parfum is formulated using pure plant extracts and organic jojoba oil, making them 100% natural.


EMERALD is an exotic blend of forest foliage, earthy resins and citrusy woods.


Elevated by Cedarwood, Fir Balsam, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sage and Vetiver 


Application suggestion: 

Natural perfumes are a slightly different experience than your standard (synthetic) perfume. Natural's will stay on the skin for roughly 6 hours, as their organic matter will slowly dissipate and combine with your skin. CROSBY's Eau de Parfum's are blended at 20% (industry standard is between 12%-20%). To maximize wear time, apply directly onto skin and allow it to fully air dry. Rubbing and/or tapping skin together, such as wrists, is not recommended. 

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